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Dear Suzanne:

Today is my 40th birthday!  It is also just days before the one-year anniversary of my joining your Alpha class.

I am in better shape than I was 5 years ago, and the best overall shape I’ve been in in the last 10.  Since I started virtual training with you, my eating habits and water intake have improved significantly.  I can do assisted pull-ups!  I am sane despite COVID.

I want to take the opportunity to thank you for helping me to make this happen.  I recognize that I must do the work, but you have been a constant source of encouragement.  You have challenged me to push myself.  You have motivated me to accept and even look forward to those challenges.  I am stronger in many ways as a result.  

In addition, my kids receive the derivative benefit of seeing what fitness is.  As a mom, this pumps me up.  They know I need time each day to do my workouts.  They see me try things that are hard and keep pressing forward.  Together, you and I are modeling to them the importance of exercise and caring for our bodies.

I am thankful that you stepped forward into your new career to share your success with me and others.  I appreciate the time and effort you make each week to keep me engaged.  So, I thank you for your role in helping me truly make 40 the new 30.

Have a lovely day,


Cassie B.

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