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What do you get from an online coach -

That following a workout video or generic plan just can't give you?

When you work with a coach, you get much more than just a good workout. You get individualized support. You get someone focused on your progress and your success and will help you figure out how to make sure the plan is working for you.

You get training technique - your coach will help you with your form, which is crucial to making sure you don't get injured. They will also help you learn how to connect to the correct muscles, something called proprioception. Propiroception is the perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body, the benefits of which go far beyond exercise.

You get a personalized program. A coach will write a program specifically for you; based on your goals, your needs, abilities, injuries and what you have access to. 

You get someone to be accountable to and someone that will support you. Having a coach, you have that connection with another human that truly cares about you, your health and your success.

You get someone that will help with proper nutrition choices for your goals. They learn about and know all (okay, many) of the latest fads and can help you figure out pieces that may work for you or help you learn why those 'miracle' diets could end up doing a lot more harm than good.

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Suzanne is AMAZING!!!! I have been working with Suzanne for over a year, and I cannot believe the transformation that I have experienced. Not just physically, but mentally as I accomplish bigger and bigger goals! She has been so patient with me as I figure things out, and she is always there to assist with tips, tricks, and motivation... whatever I need! She will meet you where you are and coach you to meet YOUR goals. Working with Suzanne is the single best investment I have made to continue to strive toward my ambitious fitness goals!!!

Cheryl W.

I met and started working with Suzanne 1 and 1/2 yrs ago. Instantly I felt safe and supported. We have a great time working out! Most importantly, she has improved my fitness journey very quickly. I was down two sizes in the first 6 months and I have dropped my body fat down by almost 10% since I began. The muscle mass and self-confidence that I have gained is something I never thought I would accomplish, honestly. Suzanne is a great motivator and friend in my life and you have nothing to lose by working with her and her customized program-only gains.

Heather S.

I highly recommend Suzanne both as a personal trainer and a nutrition coach. As a beginner with weight lifting, she has been so patient with me! She’s been an awesome motivator and friend while also encouraging me to stick to my goals and pushing me to try things I didn’t think I could do. Aside from the fitness gains, I am now much more comfortable lifting weights and more confident in general. Suzanne is awesome!

Anja T.

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